Fleetwood Group is a company where you can spend your entire career. Our average employee tenure is 13 years and we have 5 employees that have been here for over 40 years! If you are looking for a company where your work really matters and you want to be financially rewarded for your effort, you should check us out.

We are looking for people with a track record of:

  • Delivering results everyday,
  • Being a great team member,
  • Continuously improving,
  • Being personally accountable, 
  • Delivering on customer commitments, and 
  • Having a bias towards 'yes.'

In addition, we are looking for people whose close friends would describe them as:

  • Being kind,
  • Being honoring of others,
  • Being unselfish, 
  • Being forgiving,
  • Being truthful, and
  • Being trusting.

If this describes you, then we would encourage you to apply below.